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 Exclusion of liability
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Vorsitzende/Präsidentin (seit 2017)
Irmgard Janas
Hamburgerstrasse 95
D-45145 Essen  

Tel. +49 (0)152 265 10 462


Geschäftsstelle (seit 05.2015)   
Yvonne Schmidt
Brauerstrasse 81b
CH-9016 St.Gallen  

Tel. ++41 (0) 79 307 78 91

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We are constantly striving to keep the information on our website current and correct. Despite our best efforts we cannot always exclude errors or unclarity. Therefore a guarantee for accuracy, currentness or completeness cannot be granted. This also includes any and all websites that are hyperlinked from here. Feldenkrais Network International e.V. cannot be held responsible for the content of websites reached by such a link.
Feldenkrais Network International e.V. reserves the right to change, add  delete or discontinue parts or the whole of the service.
Exclusion of liability

1. content

We are not responsible for the currentness, correctness, completeness or quality of the provided information. Any liability claims against the authors regarding damage of a  material or non-material kind that result from using or not-using the provided information and through using faulty or incomplete information are strictly excluded, unless there is verifiable malintent or gross negligence on the side of the authors. All offers are non-binding and noncommittal. The authors reserve the right to change, enhance or delete any and/or all parts of the offered content without prior notice, this includes the temporal or final discontinuation of the publications.


2. Referral and links

With regard to links and referrals to third party websites, meaning „links“ that are outside the area of authority of the authors, a liability claim  may only be enforced if the authors had prior knowledge of the content and it had been technically possible and reasonable to barr access in the case of illegal content. The authors hereby state explicilty that at the time of setting the link no illegal content could be uncovered. The authors have no influence whatsoever on the actual and future design, content or authorship of linked/referred sites. Therefore the authors dissociate themselves explicitly from all content of all linked/referred sites that were changed after setting the link. This is the case for all links and referrals that are set from this website as well as third party entries in the forms the authors have established on their sites such as guestbooks, discussion forums, mailing lists and offerings of workshops. Any damage that is done by using or not-using illegal, faulty or incomplete content in such a way rather than the way the information is presented solely by the provider of the site on which their referral/link referred to, the siteowner/author of the linked site is solely liable, not Feldenkrais Network International e.V though the links appeared on their site and links there referred to said sites.


3. Copyright and hallmark

The authors will do their utmost to abide by the copyright of all publications, used graphics, audio documents, video sequences and texts or (if this is not possible) the authors will use license free or free-for-all graphics, audio documents, video sequences or texts. All content on this platform will be labled accordingly and if applicable, coyprighted through third party brand names and trademarks and are unlimited? subject to the respective copyrights and ownership regulations of the respective registered owners.  Solely based on citing, it may not be concluded that brandnames and trademarks are not protected by the rights of third parties. The copyright published objects that are created by the authors themselves remain solely with the authors of the publications and/or sites. A replication or use of such graphics, audio documents, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications is not allowed without prior consent of  the respective author.


4. Privacy Policy

As far as it is possible within this website, the divulgence of personal or business data (E-mail addresses, names, addresses) on the part of the user, is explicitly voluntary. The Feldenkrais Network International e.V. assure explicitly that The Feldenkrais Network International e.V will handle all personal data with absolute confidentiality and will not pass on any personal data to third parties.)  


5.  Validity of this Disclaimer of Validity

This disclaimer of validity is to be seen as part of this website. If parts or particular phrasings are not, do not anymore, or do not completely conform to regulations, the other parts of the