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A student from Belarus is writing:


I really want to see you sooner and learn from you further. The Feldenkrais Method helped me a lot in preparing for these events. I am now confident in myself and my strength and very well aware and watching what is happening. I hope we find the most effective way to free ourselves from the old oppression and start building a new country. first you need to destroy the old slave regime, "you need to blow out of the old habit 🙂" Feldenkrais showed me an effective scheme for nonviolent transformation of the structure of the universe - now, being aware of it, I can apply it to anything. Thank you Feldenkrais and thank you very much for continuing to educate people about mindfulness and gentle "without violent" transformation, first of all yourself. Surprisingly, as soon as I discovered the victim in myself and began to work on it and my country began to follow me out of the "victim" ... I do not believe in coincidences ... I believe that we are all one big organism and I believe in group dynamics ... it's all so amazing ... but I see this connection, I seem to feel the world and the whole universe and know what will happen next and it will be, according to Feldenkrais, the most effective and careful way, you just need to trust the universe and do what it is about asks. I hope you understand me ... But now I see and feel it so clearly. and working on it. or I'm going crazy ... 🙂 but it's fantastic ...