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The Feldenkrais-method was developed on the basis of the functional options of the human body.

Feldenkrais-method is based on neurology, developmental physiology and developmental psychology.

All these elements have already been used and explored by us, even if mainy unconsciously, when we were still infants.

They are built-in elements, not always in our every-day repertoire, but they always can be retrieved.


„Moving back from an extreme position to neutral creates a feeling of security and serenity within us, the feeling of coming home again.“

Yochanan Rywerant (Friend and companion of M. Fedenkrais)


In individual lessons (FI – Functional Integration) the Feldenkrais-Practitioner gives well-targeted manual input which offers impulses for opening up new options for movement patters. Thus, the previous range of movement options can be changes and expanded.

In group lessions (ATM – Awareness through Movement) these changes are initiated by verbal instruction.

This helps to discover, modify and expand indented patterns of movement and behaviour.

Students or clients become more agile, the patterns of agility become softer and they gain more consciousness about their Self.

They will move and behave in more differentiated ways, organize themselves more efficiently with less stress and by this they increase their capabilities in action in general.

This development enhances body awareness and opens up the way towards their inner ressources.


" rurn the impossible into possible and the possible into lightness and elegance".

Moshe Feldenkrais