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Awareness through movement (ATM)

This version of the Feldenkrais method for groups is not about movement by itself. This means, it is no need to learn swimming or walking again. It is more about the way the movement is done.


This way of movement is to be perceived at the beginning. This is done under guidance by a Feldenkrais teacher in a sequence of movement, answering questions as the following:


  • Is my movement easy, simple and comfortable?
  • Do I know how I act – effort, extent, clarity?
  • Does this movement do me good?
  • Can I feel a difference to my usual course of movement?
  • Can I do this movement in a different way?



These self-focussed questions and the experience of the movement possibilities and/ord changes lead to a differentiated body sensation, more efficient coordination along with greater capability and higher self-confidence.


Another important criterion is the fact that it is less about achieving goals, but about the processes of learning that are gone through to achieve goals.


Thus, this exploratory action automatically creates an extended motion range. Therefore, one is aware, that these extended possibilities now are stored and available.


If you know what you do, you can do what you want.

Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais