Die Satzung/Statuten mit den dazugehörigen Ordnungen wurde am 21.04.2012 von der ordentlichen Mitgliederversammlung genehmigt und verabschiedet.

Membership application

All persons who have absolved or are within a training according to the Rules for Training and Further Eduction can obtain a membership in the Association.


Statute (PDF Download)

Rules (PDF Download)


At moment the annual fee is € 140,00 (CH Sfr 220,00 including Xand fee). What is new since 2015 is that students pay no fee until the end of their training.

The year of entrance (calendar year) is free from fee according to the protocol of the General assembly of 2014. The first fee is due in January oft he following year. A corresponding annual bill together with paying-in slip (CH) or corespondingly payment slip (Zahlschein) (Germany and all other countries) is issued together with confirmation of membership.


Please hand in the filled in application form (PDF Download) and the signed acceptance of the data-processing including the publishing of the personal pictures in the context of the appliance for the membership (PDF Download) together with a copy of your certificate to the following address



Geschäftsstelle / Office
Feldenkrais Network Int. e.V.
Yvonne Schmidt
Brauerstrasse 81b
CH-9016 St.Gallen Tel. ++41 (0) 79 307 78 91



The usage of personal data (DSGVO)

Informationsobligations Art 13 - 14 DSGVO


Learning can be fruit-bearing only if the whole human being is ready to smile while learning and only if these moments of smiling at any time and spontaneously can convert into laughter.

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais – Das starke Selbst



1. Vorsitzende/Präsidentin (seit 2017)

Irmgard Janas
Hamburgerstrasse 92
D-45145 Essen    Tel. +49 (0)152 265 10 462

Kassenwart/Kassiererin (seit 2017)   

Yvonne Schmidt
Brauerstrasse 81b
CH-9016 St.Gallen   Tel. +41 (0) 71 288 09 37  

2. Vorsitzende (seit 2017)
Susana Kessler
Röhrenbrugg 2
CH-9042 Speicher    Tel. +41 (0) 71 340 08 05




Yvonne Schmidt
Brauerstrasse 81b
CH-9016 St.Gallen Tel. ++41 (0) 79 307 78 91


Feldenkrais Network was founded in 1988 as an independent network of Feldenkrais-inspired people, as e.g. Dierk Wichmann, Edith Sidler, Therese Eichin, Anne-Mieke Mol, Jan van Dixhoorn, Angelika Karbatsch and many others.


The aim is to continue development of the Feldenkrais-method, to regularly meet and to cultivate professional exchange – and all this along with a lot of enthusiasm and pleasure in shared learning and togetherness.


In 2001 a legal framework was added and in Staufen /Freiburg the „Feldenkrais-Network International e.V.“ was founded as a registered association.


In 2012 the location was moved from Staufen /Freiburg to the more centrally located Wuerzburg. Our members are predominantly from Germany and Switzerland, but also from England, Austria, Sweden, Israel and some further countries.


What we offer to our members:


Professional competence

Transfer of knowledge

Information on further and additional training

Exchange in Feldenkrais-practitioning


And we care for

Continous increase in quality

„Life – like all other things in process – has to be maintained, otherwise it stops.“

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais – Das starke Selbst (The strong Self)